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Wow! Okay I somehow procrastinated on this, despite really wanting to do it? I don't even know. Shameless self-complimenting is go!

The band kids: are amalgamations. Except for Johnny; he's the guy Puck referred to as Floppy Haired Bassman (not Johnny Tromboner), because he's one of the consistent musicians, like Brad. I did not quite want to go into the full detail of seeing which bandkids were present for which scenes. I just noted if the band was there or not.

They were tools for me, as a writer. Alicia Jones exists for conveying things to the reader, without touching on the plot. Susie, Tracer, Johnny, and Jordan are way to convey information to the reader and also to Jacob ben Isreal. Susie Saunders also serves as a tool for commenting on Carmel, since I had her cousin Hank Saunders (who get felt up by Sandy Ryerson) transfer there (and avoid Glee clubs).

Trent was a similar tool, since we got just enough of his personality in canon for me to have a basis, but little enough for me to mold his actions to my purposes. I played up his shyness and nerves to help keep him in the role of observer, and a bit of a mic for my observations on the show. And since we saw him stand up to Sebastian in Michael, I could be relatively justified the few times I gave him action. Usually he was a tool to progress the plot where Finn canonically did, like making Mr. Schuester duet with Rachel.

I tried to follow some of the conventions of the show; I didn't give Matt lines, though I gave him actions (like patting Trent on the shoulder) and I never gave Brad any dialogue. That was fun!

Did I only do two Britt-isms? confidence/conference was based just on how they sounded when I said them fast out-loud. Minority = under 21 years of age was based on hitting 21 being referred to as "reaching the age of majority".

Finn's sections were fun to write. It's sort of a hybrid between prose and dialogue. Most of my favorite lines are from his sections.

Kurt and the Muscle Magazines! College story time; when I was in the dorms with hallway bathrooms (as opposed to the suites, which was two bedrooms sharing one bathroom) there was a strong tendency to give each toilet stall a different theme. And always there would be one "hottie pottie" with cut-outs from magazines. I was in the women's halls, and whomever decorated those stalls was heterocentric, because it was always pictures of muscular men without their shirts. I never did work up the nerve to hunt down some magazines with attractive women and put their pictures up. Partly because the entire concept of the "hottie pottie" weirded me out, and partly because the very fact that whomever decorated those stalls assumed we were all attracted to muscular men made me nervous testing things.

And yes, almost all of them were looking at the camera. I never made little paper sunglasses, but I would re-arrange the pictures so the were on the sides and back of the stall, because seriously gals? You put that picture on the inside of the door? I am trying to pee here, stop looking at me.

Also, Tina taking the magazines; who likes Mike's abs? Tina likes Mike's abs.

I'm really happy with how Quinn and Kurt's friendship turned out; in canon, Kurt comments on the fact that Quinn has never talked to him before in Hairography. Whereas in the AU they've been seeing each other outside of Glee club since Preggers.

(and her thinking of the Navigator as a tank)

Interlude Two was originally going to end with Rachel becoming the first person Puck tells to the truth about getting thrown out of Scouts to. Finn was there, so Puck didn't need to tell him. But it wound up being about Rachel and her relationship with reputation and fame instead, as well as Puck's.

I tend to be either all-description or all-dialogue, so a lot of little actions were put in later. Most scenes had several sweep-throughs of writing, as I added actions, feelings, thoughts, tone of voice, changed the dialogue, and made sure I wasn't copying the dialogue of the show.

Right! I did use a couple lines directly from the show, like Mercedes' "And this minority business" and Finn's "Did you know you can just, borrow books from there?". If I couldn't justify re-writing the dialogue for a scene, I tried to put the information in the prose instead, like Trent noting "Kurt suggested keeping Rachel in his basement" instead of writing out Kurt saying that.

I kind of love Tracer and his Oreos. And also Alicia Jones.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading~


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